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MANIGORDO GROUP INVESTIGATIONS is a Private Detectives Agency wich offers services of private investigations in full compliance with the people’s right to know the reality of a “de facto” steady. Reality’s shock can be an disturbing experience caused by the  disparity between known and unknown factors, analyzing the reality or a certain situation that people have at some point in family life, in society, in business, where various problems occur, confusions, which will be identified in time, in a professional and confidential manner.

Our paramont goals are the same as yours, the investigative activities are unfolded in a Discret and Confidential manner, respecting and Protecting your Interests.

Do you have any uncertain about something, about some people who want to cheat you, to blackmail you ? Use the services of Manigordo Detectives Agency and we bring the important information and knowledge to your attention in Real Time.
Stop wasting your valuable time! Be a second ahead of others and you will win by finding out the truth that can be useful in most ambiguous cases. Be confident to use the services of Manigordo Detectives Agency, to work for you and you will surely benefit from this.

When you will choice our Detectives to handle your investigation, you can expect at: Integrity & Fairness, Ethics & Professionalism and Vigilance & Objectivity.

The detectives of Manigordo Detective Agency use their skills finding rational and ideal solutions in solving your cases. WORLDWIDE COVERAGE.
The investigative methods that we use are based on experience and expertise, under the auspices of connections carefully and intelligently analyzed by the detectives of our Agency, bringing compelling results, complying in accordance with legislation and in full safety. We operate globally trough our network of in-country professionals, contacts and resources.

What does a detective do for your organization ?

Investigative Due Diligence | Complex reports that to set of emphasize a real situation. How many times  do you have situations that are not account  in fact, regarding your own investments in their business?

Background Check / Employment Screening | Can protect your business  from: fraud, damages caused to your  reputation, eliminate costs and time wasted by hiring an incompetent person. Have you checked the person to become employed  in management positions?

The current financial climate tempts candidates to exaggerate their CVs with skills and competences that are not real. Hiring an inappropriate person in an important position is very costly, even destructive for your business, and this risk can be repeated when making a new hire.

What are the investigation services provided by the Private Detective Agency Manigordo, designed for individuals ? 
Premarital Investigations | It is certainly very important to know in advance the real situation about your future son-in-law or daughter-in-law. Do they hide inconvenient truths? Manigordo Detective Agency make a truthful report on the past of your future son-in-law/daughter-in-law, husband/wife etc. Using the services of Manigordo Detective Agency, you will be able to prevent or to find the best solution for the future and the stability of your family.

Matrimonial & Divorce Investigations | In most cases, the investigations conducted by Manigordo Detective Agency consist in the perspective in which it is proved the infidelity in a relationship, family, engagement, and the circumstances in which this is done, by collecting photos/videos which demonstrate this fact.

Children Care | In the development of the juvenile personality, private detective are able to observe and to prove the occurrence of certain reactions of maladjustment, manifested in deviant behavior. Manigordo Detective Agency offers you support to detect and avoid in due time any deviant behavior occurring to your children. It is very important to know the entourage of your child.

Do you think to owe a private detective ?   Hiring an investigator may cost less than you think.
Collaborating with Manigordo Detective Agency will bring you only benefits, and we also guarantee for the confidentiality and accuracy of information, professionalism and promptitude. If you wish to arrange an initial consultation with one of our Private Investigator, please simply call us at +4 0729 188 693 | +4 754 756 888. If you would like to contact us via the Internet, please send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  It is better to Know than to assume.

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Business Intelligence

Concerning  by the comercial investigation and human resources we desire to support companies and businesspeople, completely the range of services almost confer a higher protection of the business.

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Private Investigations

The social investigations,  patrimony, individual safety, those services support institution family and its members.

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Intellectual Property

Manigordo's cutting-edge solutions help protect your creations, inventions, designs, names, by monitoring trademark infrigement and counterfeiting.

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Laboratory Investigations

Completely these are services that complement private investigations  with expertises, tests  and analyses carried on in colaboration with experts and specialized laboratories. DNA tests Paternity testing Toxicology testing of ha...

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