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Business Intelligence & Investigations



Investigations of employees who constantly simulate false pretexts and the due time discovery of the caused damage (medical notes, leaves, anticipated pensions etc.), given the fact that alcohol and drug abuse can have serious consequences over the safety and the efficiency on the job and that this can lead to criminal behavior, dangerous towards the company and the personnel.



Investigations regarding the recruitment strategies about the authenticity of documents attached in order to comply with the formalities of becoming employed: curriculum vitae, certificate given by the former employer, recommendations, high school, college, university, post-university, doctoral studies or studies at trade/vocational schools, notices, authorizations, attestations, medical documents etc.


Investigations within the private companies' premises, due to detect the inappropriate employees' usage of the company's assets or their usage for personal and unjustified purposes. No employee is entitled to use the company' assets, information or position one holds in order to gain a personal unjust advantage. Besides, no employee is allowed to compete in a direct or indirect manner with the company without approval.



Feasibility investigations involve carrying on a complex analysis: commercial, marketing, technical, management and financial analysis of an investment objective which is regarded as a dynamic and open system of producing and selling goods and services, as well as analysis of the involved agents (human resources, capital, material and energetic resources etc.). This process involves characteristic legal aspects and is carried on in a specific period of time, taking into consideration also the risk and uncertainty factors.



Worldwide Protection Of Your Products, Patents and Profits.

Intellectual Property is an alarming global concern to large and small businesses. Collect evidence to evaluate potential Infringement of Trademark, Copyright or Patent and to assist organizations stop unauthorized uses of their Brands or unlicensed production of their products.  Global Networking

At Manigordo, we understand the Infringement concerns your business is facing and we aim to provide professional guidance each step of the way. There are a number of benefits of choosing our service, and here are some of the reasons.

It is more important than ever to track down violators in Protecting Brand owners against counterfeits and infringements to prevent brand and reputation damage, as well as monetary loss.

The investigative activity is directed towards identifying proofs for counterfeits and breaching of the laws in the field of trade-marks and patents. On a free market where the competition is really harsh, every trader, especially the producers or the services deliverers, need to understand the true importance of protecting the non-material assets: the most important are the trade-marks and the industrial drawings and models.

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Investigations regarding the personnel occupying management positions (CEO, managers, directors, all level managers etc.), who do not obey the contractual engagements, who embezzle the company by different fraudulent means, such as competition price policy (extra commissions) or approaching different providers or service deliverers for the own benefit, which leads to building a parallel own channel which eventually brings serious prejudices to the company.



Investigations regarding illegal competition that deflects from the objective rules of the law of fair competition, especially due to dumping prices followed by the introduction of monopoly prices. Protection against illicit trade activities, against different documents or deeds that are contrary to the accepted trade or industrial customs.



This refers to agreements negotiation with the participation of collaborators: lawyers or economists, in order to bring the clauses in agreement in unison with the regulations in force regarding the rights and obligations of the parties, as well as to the examination of documents and of existing goods which will be under transaction.



According to the laws in force that regulate the contracts, as well as according to the practice in the field, the promptness in the transportation of goods and in delivering services, the possible business partners have the obligation to keep the commercial and technical information confidential within the framework of mutual trade communication.



Investigations regarding market studies, products, clients, competition etc.
Marketing investigations are a very important element in the characterization itself of the marketing development and shows the solvency of legal entities.
This proves to be a very important tool for the marketing decision makers, whom it offers the informational necessary support for all steps of the decision making process.



Writing investigations carried on by experts in graphoscopy aiming to identify false documents and signatures (agreements, mortgages, promissory notes, checks etc.). Graphoscopy is the study of handwriting in order to validate or invalidate the authenticity of the document, writings, signatures etc., as well as the study of handwriting in order to identify the writer. The handwriting justifies the need to have this autonomous type of analysis: the forensic analysis of handwriting, also known as “forensic graphoscopy” or “graphic examination” – this is to check whether a text or a signature really comes from the writer nominated in the body of the respective document.



Identification of legal entities that owe amounts of money to other legal entities, money which results from the selling of goods or delivering services. Warning! In order to avoid such experiences, one should run a background check of the business partners.

There is a high number of companies which have the residence at the same address. Fictitious example: there is a villa where there are over 30 companies, some residing in the basement – which does not exist in fact. Companies which refuse to provide their real contact data to the general public;

Fictitious example: the main shareholder is also a clerk (or other similar legal issues).



Background checks and integrity investigations of partners, clients, providers and possible business partners.

The background and integrity in business area comprise a wide spectrum of practices and procedures. Though, it does not refer to any possible issue that may emerge, but offers a general overview on the companies’ expectations regarding the behavior of the employees, shareholders and fundamental ethical and legal responsibilities of the company’s representatives.

The employees and the shareholders should prove honest conduct and integrity in all circumstances, either in relationship with other employees of the company, or in relationship with the public, with the business community, shareholders, clients, providers or governmental or legal authorities.



This segment regards investigations aimed at evaluating the “health” of the companies, their solvency, produced good, actives or market share, in the perspective of collaborating or association for a prospective business. The payment capacity of the trader depicts its capacity of fully paying off in due time its payment bonds towards the providers, employees, state budget, banks or any other creditor, when the bonds are mature. It is supposed to be able to pay off these bonds with the assets it owns in the respective moment (own assets, attracted, borrowed etc.).