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About us

Manigordo Group Investigations, a private detective agency was born in 2010 by require and needless to offer investigate professional services for the  private  sector, in Romania also in foreign countries.

The detectives of our Agency are persons attestation and certified professional in this field, specialized  in private investigations, surveillance, and undercover, using advanced technical means. Due to a complete offer of services, Manigordo detectives solve their cases in full confidentiality, with professionalism, based on expertise and experience in this field.

Investigative activities are unfolded to carry an competitive  management, in a discreet and confidential manner, respecting and protecting your interests, complying in accordance with legislation. Agency’s management is performed by applying modern methods based on synthesis, harmony, cooperation, constancy, initiative, resourcefulness and focus of the entire team of detectives on the purpose pursued by the Agency.

Our paramount goal is to provide to our clients comprehensive  investigation services and aim to implemented, in accordance with legislation. We believe that through these services  provide, always find the best solutions to solving the cases,  falling under the exclusive competence of this field of activity.

The investigators of Manigordo Group Agency are well-trained to set off conclusive synthesize and the results of their investigations  to make   connections between mysteries, deviance, infidelities, insecurity, competition, through with professionalism and  seriousness  which they treat each case. 

Do you think that the success of your business depends on knowing the real situation? Manigordo detectives provides you with reports describing the company’s real and current situation.

Through the multitude of services offered by the Private Detectives Agency Manigordo Group Investigations, you will know in real time which is the cause of the problems, and thus you will be able to protect your business, properties, family, health, career etc.

Manigordo Group Investigations is affiliated since 2013 to the prestigious World Association of Detectives - WAD and to the Ownership of Private Detectives Romania - PDPR, starting with 2014 became member to the Federazione Italiana degli Instituti Privati per le Investigazioni le Informazioni e le Sigurezze - FEDERPOL, since 2019 we have become members of the most elitist association of the Council of International Investigators - CII, since 2021 we become members of the oldest Private Investigator's Association in Florida - FAPI. Begining with August 2023 we have become Overseas Members in the most titled and elitist Association of British Investigators in - ABI.

Our Private Detectives Agency operates under the license No. 159634/2010 issued by the General Inspectorate of the Romanian Police to rely o the Law No. 329/2003.             

As the best equipped and most experienced investigative agency in Romania and aboard, we provide the best value for you and your business. Our services are wide-reaching and all-encompassing to cover all your needs. We bring important information and knowledge to your attention in Real Time.

Initiate  and decide to working always for you using the private detectives MANIGORDO and you will see the benefits! Operational Services throughout most jurisdictions worldwide including: ROMANIA | Eastern and Western EUROPE | North & South AMERICA | Middle East.

To learn how you or your organizations  can benefit from MANIGORDO's services, or if you have any questions regarding your case, Please Ask Us!   

If you wish to arrange an initial consultation with one of our Private Investigator, please simply call us at +4 0729 188 693. If you would like to contact us via the Internet, please send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  Wherever You Need Us, We Get the Evidence. 

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