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1. I have never before resorted to the services of a private investigator, how could I do this?
We do understand that this is a brand new experience for most of the people and so we shall approach the best ways to make things as easy as can be. Just give us a call or send us an email and tell us what is the problem or which is the reason you need our help for. This way, we shall join our efforts in developing a working strategy that shall be adapted to the respective situation.

2. Which is the fee for initial counseling?
We take to fee for the initial counseling. Our initial aim is to identify the problem you are facing and analyze it together, to see if the solution depends and / or could be solved by our agency.

3. During the whole surveillance period of time, will the investigator interact with me?
Whenever it is possible, yes. Although, our first priority, when conducting surveillance, is to keep an eye on this issue, so, our investigator cannot interact with you immediately, because in most cases, these interventions can lead to disclosure of the surveillance and of the entire investigation carried on at the respective moment and in the respective circumstances.

4. OK, I am ready to resort to the service provided by your agency. What next?
In this case, we shall cross-check your case with the services classification we provide in order to fit it in a category. After the price is accepted, we sign an agreement of service delivery and then we need you to provide us as more details regarding the case as possible, by filling in an enquiry file which is enclosed to the agreement.

5. Can you guarantee that your investigation will bring me the anticipated results?
No, and anyone who guarantees this aspect should be looked upon with suspicion. Our mission is to investigate deeds that happened in the past or that are happening right now, in order to prevent further undesirable situations.

6. Will I be getting a copy of the photos or video recordings?
Yes. We offer copies of the evidence we identify. Besides, at the end of the investigation, you shall also be given a final report or an investigative note which contains a presentation of the situation in the field, with all due evidence, as well as the final conclusions. Documents, photo board and video recordings (when asked for) shall also be attached.

7. Can you also help with the confrontation of the investigated subject, with the evidence?
This question has become famous due to a “TV show”. Our job is just to obtain the evidence you need in order to find out the truth. We do not transform your case in a public show. We just offer counseling regarding several appropriate and legal ways of presenting the subject with the evidence, if you feel the need for this, but without disclosing the source for the respective evidence. This is a framework where mutual confidentiality is observed.

8. Can you also provide legal counseling?
Not us. If you need legal, psychological or economic counseling, we can recommend the best offices with the best lawyers, auditors, experts for the respective field; most of them are our collaborators.

9. What happens if I need something that is technically illegal?
If we consider your request either illegal or unethical, than we shall not take the case. We carry on our activity by observing all applicable laws, the deontology code and the professional ethics code.

10. Speaking of confidentiality…
We will not discuss any aspect of your case with anybody and for any reason, neither shall we confirm or deny that you employed us, if we have no written consent from you. The information we obtain due to the investigations are solely for the client. Even after we stop being a private investigator, we are forced by the law to keep the professional confidentiality regarding the facts, acts, dates and circumstances we found out about during this activity, except for the cases when the law rules otherwise. We shall disclose no information regarding the case to no one but you or to the lawyer you hired.

11. When it comes to communication, are you discreet?
Absolutely. We understand that the nature of your case is something you don’t want to talk to your friends, colleagues or family about. Most part of what we do is very personal and we shall work with you in order to determine the best communication means. If you just want us to present the final report verbally, this is also possible and actually we recommend it. Our job is to prove professionalism and respect when we deal with our clients, so that we protect our client by observing their rights and freedoms, according to the law.

12. How fast can you begin the case for me?
We usually can start as soon as we get the form that needs to be filled in, or as it is commonly settled.

13. I am looking for an old friend, a former school mate. How does this thing work?
We get a lot of requests like this. If there is an investigation for locating a person, we shall interact with him / her. If they wish to meet with you again, we shall provide them with the information you agree on and let them know how you can rejoin. If they don’t want this, than we can deliver a message from you.

14. I live in Sibiu, but the subject lives abroad. Can you help me?
Most probably yes. Most of our detectives are able to work abroad as well. Besides, we collaborate with detectives agencies from other countries; these agencies are affiliated to the World Association of Detectives.

15. I am an art collector and I wish to procure a painting, but I have no information regarding the seller or the veracity of the art object. How can you help me in this regard?
In cases like this, we investigate the responsibility of the business partners, we collaborate with experts in writing analysis for identifying false signatures, with art experts who can confirm the authenticity and can help you evaluate the right price of the art object in question. For maximum scientific objectivity of authentications, of estimations and establishing the cultural and social background of the art objects, we collaborate with well-known experts and historians in the country, as well as abroad, but also with museums and international bidding houses.

16. I am the representative of a multinational company and I wish to procure the services of a private airline operator, but I wish to be informed regarding the heath of the company. Can you help me?
Bien  sûr. These services fit in the economic investigations category, namely solvency and seriousness of business partners. After the investigation, the data shall be analyzed and processed by experts in economy; they shall provide you with the exact status of the respective company, in terms of company’s heath.