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Terms and conditions

These terms and conditions shall rule the services provided by Manigordo Group Investigations to any person or organization we sign an agreement with.

We engage ourselves to the following:
We shall analyze each case with the properly skills and care, according to the nature of the issue and of the information you provide to us. This way, we can offer advantageous cost estimation, according to our services.
We sign a contract with you – service delivery agreement. The negotiated price will be found in each invoice issued by Manigordo Group Investigations, according to the provisions of the agreement.

We keep the confidentiality of the information you provide us with, for a good course of the investigation, as well as the confidentiality of the data we collect during the investigation. We bring no prejudice to the investigated subject.
We inform you in due time about several aspects we notice regarding the subject under investigation and we ask for your written consent to deepen the investigation. This is the moment when we settle and renegotiate the conditions and possible additional costs, so that we go further with the investigations’ specific activities, on the new course of action.
We are responsible in the respect of fairness and impartiality of the data found in the investigative report, which are obtained due to specific investigative methods and by observing all applicable laws.

You engage yourself to the following:
You guarantee the exactness of the data you provide us with; you are honest about the purpose and declared meaning of the investigation, as well as the confidentiality of the taken steps.
You assure us that the information you gave is exact and complete, so that it can allow us to carry on with the necessary steps in order to solve the case efficiently and without any risk of civil or criminal liability.
You sign a contract with us – services delivery engagement and you pay the negotiated cost in due time. 
You expose our detectives to no risk – this can be done if you undertake disinformation activities or other related actions.
You pay the entire cost established for the case, even if you suddenly decide to stop the investigation before the end. This is justified by the time we invest in analyzing each situation, in developing an action plan, as well as other investigative details.
You shall not carry on other parallel investigation, on other routes, with other operators or under the form of unofficial or illegal activity.
The decision is yours, when it comes to using the evidence we obtain, but there is only one condition: you cannot disclose the way you obtained those information.

Both parties agree upon:
The OPERATOR and the BENEFICIARY are independent parties; no party is entitled to cause obligations or responsibilities at the other party’s charge.
The relationship between the OPERATOR and the BENEFICIARY is based on mutual trust and good will, observing the provisions of Law no. 329/2003 regarding the practice of the profession of private investigator.
The BENEFICIARY takes notice that the data and information put at disposal by the OPERATOR are solely destined to its own use; they have confidential character. The OPERATOR can only convey it into information that needs to be delivered to the court, under legal circumstances, or to the Public Ministry, if it is useful to finding the truth in criminal cases.
The force majeure shields from responsibility the party claiming it, according to the legal provisions, under the condition of notifying the other part regarding this situation within a 5 (five) days time since the act had taken place.
The part that claims the force majeure is obliged to give written notice, as indicated in the agreement, in 5 (five) days time since the act has taken place, as well as it is obliged to prove the act.
The risk of the contract, representing the chance of undergoing the non-observance of the contract due to causes independent of the parties’ will, excludes the admission of a remedy claim, because there is no guilt of a party.
The risk of the agreement is undertaken by the debtor of the obligation that is impossible to fulfill and this party cannot claim that the other party fulfills its correlative obligation. The other party is also in no right of claiming damages for the non-fulfillment of the obligation that is impossible to fulfill by its debtor.
In case amiable resolution of litigations is not possible, the parties shall address the competent Romanian judicial courts.